Back To School Breakfast

The Claremore Public Schools Foundation hosts a Back-to-School Breakfast (Monday before school starts) for all Claremore Public Schools faculty and honors the District Teacher of the Year as well as the Site Teachers of the Year. Due to COVID-19, we did not get to gather as a large group this year. Instead, we did our Back To School Breakfast event at each school location. We hope we will be able to do one large event again in 2021.

2020-2021 Teacher of the Year

Jennifer Levesque

The 2020-21 Claremore Public Schools Teacher of the Year is Jennifer Levesque, Westside Elementary, Special Education Director. Mrs. Levesque has taught Special Education for 4 years at Westside Elementary.

“I love helping kids, a majority of the students I work with in our special education program have unique behavior and learning challenges. I like helping them overcome these challenges. A lot of my kids see their weakness as a barrier and I like to help them realize these weaknesses are also their strengths. I like coming together as a team with my colleagues, formulating a plan, and see the goals achieved by my students.”

2020 Back To School Breakfast

2020 Back to School Breakfast at Westside Elementary
2020 Back to School Breakfast grant recipients at Westside Elementary

2019-2020 Site Teachers of the Year

2019-20 Site Teachers of the Year (l to r): Micah Robertson – Claremore High School, Max Knoke – Will Rogers Junior High, Sara Lahr – Claremore High School, Vona Cardwell – Roosa Elementary, Marcy Ward – Catalayah Elementary, Vicki Milsap – Claremont Elementary, Aubrey Higgins – Will Rogers Junior High, and Susan McGill – Westside Elementary

Past Teachers of the Year

2020-2021 Jennifer Levesque
2019-2020 Vona Cardwell
2018-2019 Michelle Rahn
2017-2018 Jessica Stolusky
2016-2017 Jill Andrews
2015-2016 LaRonna Hurt
2014-2015 Lynse Robinson
2013-2014 Rhonda Bart
2012-2013 Denise Kimblern
2011-2012 David Isenbart

2010-2011 Leesa Dickson
2009-2010 Laneta Going
2008-2009 Denise Radcliff
2007-2008 Murry Estabrook
2006-2007 Joy Maynard
2005-2006 Jonell Pearson
2004-2005 Jan McClaren
2003-2004 Carol Little
2002-2003 Linda Pollock
2001-2002 Lynn Steidley
2000-2001 Jan Johnson
1999-2000 Sharon Moore

1998-1999 Lynelle Burrows
1997-1998 Sharon Douthitt
1996-1997 Jarol Legate
1995-1996 Carol Shortridge
1994-1995 Melba Quinton
1993-1994 Patrick Gotcher
1992-1993 Paulette Hood
1991-1992 Andrea Brankel
1990-1991 Karen Butler
1989-1990 Susan Raasch
1988-1989 Dianne B. Sims-Jones
1987-1988 Pat Heidlage