Back To School Breakfast

The Claremore Public Schools Foundation hosts a Back-to-School Breakfast (Monday before school starts) for all Claremore Public Schools faculty and honors the District Teacher of the Year as well as the Site Teachers of the Year.

2019-2020 Teacher of the Year

Vona Cardwell

The 2019-20 Claremore Public Schools Teacher of the Year is Vona Cardwell, Roosa Elementary 5th grade. Mrs. Cardwell has taught 4th through 8th grade over the past 11 years – Reading, English, and Science.

“I decided to become a teacher for the same reason most teachers choose this profession; I love children, and I wanted to make a positive impact on future generations. Looking back, those simple reasons seem so insignificant and underwhelming when compared to the reasons I choose to stay in this profession. Teaching is an extremely challenging, intellectually demanding, collectively exhausting, and emotionally rewarding career; the toughest job you’ll ever love.”

What do you do differently that makes learning fun and/or helps students learn more effectively?

“I am fortunate enough to teach in a district that employs the best teaching professionals in the state of Oklahoma, and I take advantage of every opportunity to learn extraordinary strategies from these incredible professionals. Everything I do to make learning fun and help students learn more effectively are components I have collected based off observations of my colleagues. I create lessons that are sensitive to my students’ needs, abilities, learning styles, and unique individuality.

However, above everything I do, the most important thing I do every day is to make sure my students know they are loved.”

2019-2020 Site Teachers of the Year

2019-20 Site Teachers of the Year (l to r): Micah Robertson – Claremore High School, Max Knoke – Will Rogers Junior High, Sara Lahr – Claremore High School, Vona Cardwell – Roosa Elementary, Marcy Ward – Catalayah Elementary, Vicki Milsap – Claremont Elementary, Aubrey Higgins – Will Rogers Junior High, and Susan McGill – Westside Elementary

Past Teachers of the Year

2019-2020 Vona Cardwell
2018-2019 Michelle Rahn
2017-2018 Jessica Stolusky
2016-2017 Jill Andrews
2015-2016 LaRonna Hurt
2014-2015 Lynse Robinson
2013-2014 Rhonda Bart
2012-2013 Denise Kimblern
2011-2012 David Isenbart

2010-2011 Leesa Dickson
2009-2010 Laneta Going
2008-2009 Denise Radcliff
2007-2008 Murry Estabrook
2006-2007 Joy Maynard
2005-2006 Jonell Pearson
2004-2005 Jan McClaren
2003-2004 Carol Little
2002-2003 Linda Pollock
2001-2002 Lynn Steidley
2000-2001 Jan Johnson
1999-2000 Sharon Moore

1998-1999 Lynelle Burrows
1997-1998 Sharon Douthitt
1996-1997 Jarol Legate
1995-1996 Carol Shortridge
1994-1995 Melba Quinton
1993-1994 Patrick Gotcher
1992-1993 Paulette Hood
1991-1992 Andrea Brankel
1990-1991 Karen Butler
1989-1990 Susan Raasch
1988-1989 Dianne B. Sims-Jones
1987-1988 Pat Heidlage